Lake Whatcom Railway
(360) 441-0719
Wickersham, WA

Schedule and Fares


Adults: $25
Under 18: $15.00
Under 2: free


  • See our home page for our current schedule

  • More trips to be announced once the dates are determined.


  • All trains leave Wickersham Junction.
  • Some passengers are allergic to animals, so for their comfort, we request that you leave your pets at home.

Advance Reservations

Some rides indicate they require advance reservation.  This can either be done by purchasing tickets online or by purchasing via surface mail with a Check.

Advance Reservation Online

Click this link to buy tickets now.

Advance Reservation by Mail Procedure

Please allow enough time for us to receive your letter and send back your tickets.

The procedure is to write a letter to Lake Whatcom Railway containing:

  • Your name
  • The address where you want the train tickets sent
  • Your contact telephone number in case there is a problem
  • Specify the date and time for the trip you want.  Specify your first and second time if multiple times are available on that day.
  • Specify the number of paying passengers who are adults or children under 18
  • Based on the above fares, write a check to Lake Whatcom Railway for the total group fare.
Mail the letter to:

Lake Whatcom Railway
P.O. Box 91
Acme, Washington

Your train tickets will be mailed back to the specified address in your letter.

Call (360) 441-0719 for more information.


Charter and Coach Reservations

You can reserve a whole car or have a private trip on the train by calling (360) 441-0719.

A train has a maximum capacity of 204 people.  Any combination of 1 to 3 coaches can be reserved from the following 4 coaches with their cumulative seating capacity:

  • Two 86-Seat Coaches
  • One 32-Seat Coach
  • One 20-Seat Parlor Observation Car